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Vectron offers a comprehensive family of RF front–end and inter–stage filters for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) applications, supporting the full range of single– and multi–mode (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou) and single– and multi–band (lower / upper L–band) system applications.

SAW Filters
GNSS Band fstart fstop Single–Band
Multi–Band Solutions
E5a 1164 1189 TFS1176 (se) TFS1188 (se) TFS1209 (se) TFS1191 (se)

TFS1191B (bal)
  TFS1225C (se)
E5b 1189 1214 TFS1204A (se)  
B2 1192.14 1222.14     TFS1238 (se)
L2 1215 1237 TFS1227B (se)
TFS1227C (se)
TFS1237 (se)

TFS1237C (se)
TFS1255A (se)

TFS1251 (bal)
G2 1237 1254 TFS1245A (se)
B3 1248.52 1288.52      
E4 1254 1258      
E6 1260 1300 TFS1278A (se)    
SAR 1544 1545         TFS1580A (se)  
B1 1555.42 1595.42 TFS1575Z (se)     TFS1575AG (se) TFS1581 (bal)

TFS1581A (se)
E2 1559 1563   TFS1575Z (se)  
L1 1563 1587 TFS1575D (se) TFS1590 (se)

TFS1590C (se)
L1 C/A 1574.22 1576.62 TFS1575AD (se)
E1 1587 1591  
G1 1593 1610 TFS1601A (se)    
GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo
'se' – single–ended (unbalanced operation)
'bal' – balanced (differential operation)
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