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Mission Statement

Vectron is the preferred technology partner for Frequency Control, Sensor, and Hybrid Product Solutions. We help customers "Innovate, Improve and Grow" their businesses.

Quality Statement

Vectron is, and will remain, a world-class supplier to its global market and will apply innovative, forward-looking ethical principles in complying with the requirements of that market. We are totally committed to recognizing the needs of our customers, and responding to those needs with superior quality, service, responsiveness and specification compliance. All of our employees are dedicated to these principles with total customer satisfaction and continual improvement as their constant goal.

Environmental Statement

Vectron maintains an environment that supports the health and well being of our employees, customers and community. Our goal is to formalize our current compliance to recognize environmental standards, to pro-actively conserve resources and to prevent pollution. We will continue to encourage our suppliers to maintain the same high principles. Our continued pursuit of excellence in environmental compliance will involve regular monitoring, updating and upgrading of our standards and the complete commitment of our employees.

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