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Change Notifications (PCNs)

PCN Date
VC–710 &VX–700 Discontinuation/Replacement 1/19/2016
AMI ASIC Change to IPV PCN 1/5/2016
FX-702 Manufacturer Change of Internal Passive Device 11/30/2015
TCXO Package Base Change 8/12/2015
IC Change NPC to IPV in Certain XO Products 8/10/2015
VV-800 VCXO Package Change 7/20/2015
Extend the use of Delipro as an additional source for Oscillators from VI 2/27/2014
VC-710 Product Transition Announcement 3/15/2013
Singapore Logistics Center 12/08/2008
VI LLC Name Change Customer Notification 12/05/2008
Product marking change from labels and ink stamping to laser marking VI-CN-MHS080609 6/09/2008
Last Time Buy Notice for S-Type Oscillator Parts beginning with "SL" 5/29/2008
VC-800 Manufacturing Location Change Notification (V-PCN-HUD080501) 5/1/2008
Vectron Sourced Product Manufacturing Change – Preliminary Notification (V-PCN-HUD080124) 1/24/2008
FR-4 Board Change to FX-200 Product Family (VI-CN-HUD071030) 10/30/2007
FR-4 Board Change to FX-101, FX-102, FX-104, and CS-300 Product Families (VI-CN-HUD071011) 10/11/2007
SAW VCSO Assembly Process Change (VI-CN-070212) 02/12/2007
SAW Assembly Process Change (VI-CN-061227) 12/27/2006
Manufacturing Location Change (VI-CN-060530) 05/30/2006
Changes to FX & CS product families for RoHS compliance (V-CN-HUD050819) 8/18/2005
Change in Wafer Fab. Location (VI-CN-061110) 11/10/2006
VC-710 and VC-501 internal component change for product with frequency ³ 155MHz (VI-CN-061220) 12/20/2006
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