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"Vectron is and will remain, a world-class supplier to its global market and will apply innovative, forward-looking, ethical principles in complying with the requirements of that market. We are totally committed to recognizing the needs of our customers, and responding to those needs with superior quality, service, responsiveness and specification compliance.

All of our employees are dedicated to these principles with total customer satisfaction and continual improvement as their constant goal."

Commitment to Quality

The company's quality assurance systems are geared towards customer service...from initial customer contact through product development to delivery of product and after sales support. All Vectron International facilities have a fully documented and implemented Quality Management System certified to the international ISO 9001standard. Continuous improvement is the foundation of Vectron International's working philosophy which is managed through deployment of Lean manufacturing principles, 5S planning and Six Sigma initiatives.

Commitment to Business Integrity, Social Responsibility, Environment, Health & Safety

Emerging Electronic Industry business standards continue to focus on business integrity, social responsibility, and Environment, Health and Safety compliance. Vectron has a documented Code of Conduct that defines how company and its employees manage the business with integrity and comply with all laws and regulations dealing with employment and wage practices, labor practices, import/export trade regulations, and, environment, health and safety regulations. With its key locations registered to the ISO14001 Environmental Management standard, Vectron is committed to the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources. Vectron facilities fully comply with all required environmental regulations and laws, and review compliance on a regular basis. All of Vectron's manufacturing operations are free of ozone–depleting substances, as well as, where applicable, the products are free of any hazardous substances that are stipulated or prohibited from use by customer requirements and/or international regulations, such as RoHS and REACH. Conservation of global resources and pollution prevention is a high priority in our operations which is exemplified by site–specific practices which may include among others, recycling, and use of recycled products.

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