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CD-700 Clock and Data Recovery
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The CD–700 is a user–configurable crystal based PLL integrated circuit. It includes a digital phase detector, op–amp, VCXO and additional integrated functions for use in digital synchronization applications. Loop filter software is available as well SPICE models for circuit simulation.


  • 5 x 7.5 x 2 mm, smallest VCXO PLL available
  • Output Frequencies to 77.76 MHz
  • 5.0 or 3.3 Vdc operation
  • Tri-State Output
  • Loss of Signal Alarm
  • VCXO with CMOS outputs
  • 0/70ºC or -40/85ºC temperature range
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic SMD package
  • Product is compliant to RoHS directive

  • Frequency Translation
  • Clock Smoothing, Clock Switching
  • NRZ Clock recovery
  • DSLAM, ADM, ATM, Aggregation,
    Optical Switching/Routing, Base Station
  • Synchronous Ethernet
  • Low jitter PLL's