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High Temperature Electronic Module Products
Let Vectron help to turn your product development project from circuit schematic that you provided into a fully functioning and high temperature capable end products to meet your application needs.

Extreme environment applications require electronic systems that are capable of surviving beyond the MIL-STD operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Applications such as Deep Well Logging Tools (sensor, gauge and data acquisition etc.), Geothermal Logging, Light Weight Ground and Air Vehicles and Industrial Process Monitoring require robust electronic systems that can operate at 200°C and beyond. In addition, some of these applications also require survivability under high shock and vibration environments. Vectron’s expertise readily handles such harsh environments. For example, our custom engineered High-temperature electronic modules have been qualified and deployed for 250°C+ “down hole” drilling/exploration applications.

The benefits of deploying high-temperature electronics include:
  • Extending device reliability and operating life at the field
  • Eliminating the need for auxiliary cooling techniques such as massive heat sinks or elaborate heat pipe designs
  • Lighter Weight and Smaller Size
  • Integration of sensors and transducers along with electronics to operate reliably in high temperature environments.

High Temperature Electronic Module

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