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High Temperature Packaged Quartz Crystals
Vectron offers a broad range of high temperature packaged quartz crystal products for oil/gas exploration, geophysical services, avionics, process control and other harsh industrial applications. These high temperature packaged crystal products are available in metal and ceramic crystal holders for both thru-hole and surface mount attachment needs. Beside our standard product offerings, Vectron can also custom design the quartz crystal resonators that your application demands. Our high temperature crystal products are manufactured under strict quality standards with the latest in automated manufacturing techniques throughout our state of the art factories worldwide.

Packaged and Blank BAW Resonator Design Capabilities (Round or Strip)
  • Frequencies from 2.200 MHz to 210 MHz
  • Standard Operating Temperature Range:-55°C to 200°C (higher temperature ranges available)
  • AT, SC, FC, AC and IT-cuts
  • Swept Quartz-Lot Traceability available
  • HFF Inverted Mesa AT-cut (NaOH Etch)
  • All standard leaded cold weld and resistance weld holders
  • Commercial and military operating environment
  • Special shock and vibration capabilities available
  • Low aging world leader in some applications
  • Low phase noise
  • Low G-Sensitivity (<= 2x10-10/g possible) : QRM Crystal
Advanced Packaging
Intel(R) JPEG Library, version 1,5,4,36

Process & Mfg Capability
  • Saunders 250C temperature test systems
  • Process and Test Capabilities in accordance with MIL-PRF-3098
  • In House Environmental Test Capabilities (temp cycle, thermal shock, shock, vibration, acceleration and more)
  • PC100 aging system for engineering evaluation
  • Class 100,000 and Class 10,000 cleanroom for final assembly
  • Total blank cutting capability includes SC-cuts
  • EFG x-ray equipment for all crystal cuts
  • State of the art hi-vacuum cold weld and resistance weld systems
  • Phase noise test system
  • Automated frequency tuning
  • High Temp 250°C Engineering Evaluation Test System for Frequency Measurement or Life Testing

Product PDF Frequency
Range (MHz)
Std Operating
Shock Vibration Package Size Package
7 to 225 -55°C to 200°C 100g, 6ms 20g, 10 to 2kHz HC-35/TO-5
0.200" to 0.265" tall
2.5 to 140 -55°C to 200°C 100g, 6ms 20g, 10 to 2kHz HC-37/TO-8
0.155" to 0.265" tall
2.2 to 210 -55°C to 200°C 100g, 6ms 20g, 10 to 2kHz HC-43 Cold Weld
0.440" to 0.530" tall
2.2 to 210 -55°C to 200°C 100g, 6ms 20g, 10 to 2kHz HC-43 Resistance Weld
0.440" to 0.530" tall
4.2 to 30 -55°C to 200°C 100g, 6ms 10g, 10 to 2kHz 8.2mm x 8.2mm x 2.5mm SMD

• Custom design for different package size, higher operating temperature and higher shock & vibration requirements is available, please consult factory.

HC-45U Hi-Temp CW metal packaged crystal

SQ-580 8x8mm SMD ceramic packaged crystals