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High Temperature Electronics
Technical Capabilities

Our Technical Capabilities Include:

  • High Temperature Electronic Packaging (–55°C to 250°C)
  • RF Electrical Design
  • Substrate and PCB Layout Design for HI–REL applications
  • Custom Metal and Ceramic (HTCC, LTCC) Package Design
  • Multi–layer Thick–Film Substrate Fabrication (Al2O3, AlN, BeO)
  • Hybrid Microcircuit Assembly and Test in Class 10K clean room environment
  • CSP, Flip Chip & BGA Component Mounting
  • Hermetic Package Sealing for HI–REL applications (Projection, Seam and Cold welds)
  • Bare Die Procurement and Handling
  • Quartz BAW Resonator Design & Fabrication (Round, Strip and HFF Inverted Mesa configurations)
  • SAW Wafer Fabrication in Class 100 clean room environment
  • Wafer deep etching technology for Wafer Level Packaging
  • Process and Test Equipment Design
  • Environmental MIL–PRF Screening
  • Custom Process Equipment Design
  • Physical Design Modeling and Finite Element Analysis

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Package Selection

Metal package are the preferred package choice for high heat dissipation, high component count & density such as Multi–chip–module(MCM) and critical EMI shielding applications. Metal package can be designed to fit custom application at low volume with reasonable tooling cost. Ceramic Package, on the other hand, provides a small footprint and fine I/O pitch package solution. Ceramic package can be designed for ultra high temperature applications starting at 500°C. Tooling cost is typically much higher than metal package. Ceramic package is suitable for medium to high volume applications. It is absolutely the choice of the end users to select the right kind of package for their particular applications. Both metal and ceramic packages can be sealed hermetically.

Microelectronic circuits and components that are exposed to harsh environments require hermetic packaging. Beyond providing mechanical protection and thermal dissipation, a hermetic package prevents the intrusion of atmospheric contaminants such as moisture, ionic contaminants, airborne particles and unwanted gases.

Metal Package – Glass–to–metal seal and ceramic–to–metal seal are the common choices for metal hermetic packages. Typical metal encloses are formed by stamping, deep drawing, brazing, photochemical etch and machining. The package sealing methods include projection weld, seam seal, cold weld, laser weld and E–beam seal. Metal Package choices range from standard DIL, TO, FP, QFP to highly custom–design package for High–Temp, High–Pressure and High Shock and Vibration environment for HI–REL, Mil/Space and "Down Hole" applications.

Ceramic Package – In High Temperature Co–fired Ceramic (HTCC) technology, ceramic is batch processed in green tape form. Layers are built by sequential operations of hole punching, metal filling and screening, cutting, stacking and laminating. The entire assembly is co–fired or sintered at temperatures as high as 1600°C. Electrode–Nickel/Gold plating finish with a brazed–on KOVAR ring is Vectrons preferred configuration. Vectron is capable of assembling Microcircuits with standard LCC, CQFP, Side–Brazed type and custom–design ceramic packages.

Metal Packages
Semi Transparent metal package Semi Transparent metal package
Ceramic Packages
Semi Transparent metal package Semi Transparent metal package Semi Transparent metal package Semi Transparent metal package

Assembly Process

In order to withstand the harsh operating environment, high temperature electronic products are designed from the ground–up with the knowledge of advanced assembly processes as well as material science.

Using robust assembly techniques, Vectron offers the flexibility of applying a wide range of manufacturing processes to meet the customer's unique application requirements and ensure the delivery of the highest quality product. Each run is intensely scrutinized during the process control and process automation phases of delivery.

Environmental Screening – Complete MIL-STD and custom harsh environment screenings are available. Vectron will work closely with customers to define screening requirements, to meet high-temperature and harsh environment applications.

Our Assembly Process Includes:

  • BAW/SAW Quartz Wafer Fabrication
  • Deep Wet Etching of Quartz Wafers
  • Thick–Film Substrate Fabrication
    • Al2O3, BeO, AlN, Multi–Layer
  • Component Attachment
    • Flip Chip, Eutectic die mount, fine–pitch SMT
  • Wirebonding
    • Al and Au wirebonding
  • Hermetic Sealing with Metal and Ceramic Packages
    • Projection, seam and cold welding