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MEMS Oscillator Series
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FrequencyOutputsTypical Jitter
fs RMSBandwidthCarrier
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MO-9000AMEMS based XO2.5x2.0*1110X -40 / 85150012k-20M25.00
MO-9100AMEMS based XO2.5x2.0*180X -40 / 8560012k-20M10.00
MO-9150AMEMS based XO2.5x2.0*80220X -40 / 8560012k-20M156.25
MO-9200AMEMS based XO3.2x2.5*1220 XX-40 / 8560012k-20M156.25
MO-9250AMEMS based XO3.2x2.5*220625 XX-40 / 8560012k-20M312.50
HT-MM900AHigh Temp. MEMS based XO2.5x2.0*1137X -55 / 125150012k-20M100.00
MV-9300AMEMS Based VCXO3.2x2.5*180X -40 / 8560012k-20M75.00
MV-9350AMEMS Based VCXO3.2x2.5*80220X -40 / 8560012k-20M156.25
MV-9400AMEMS Based VCXO5.0x3.2*1220 XX-40 / 8560012k-20M156.25
MV-9450AMEMS Based VCXO5.0x3.2*220625 XX-40 / 8560012k-20M312.50
MT-9560AMEMS Precision TCXO1.5x0.1*0.032770.032768X -40 / 85AF

* - more sizes available, AF - ask factory