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MD-010 Disciplined Oscillator Module
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The MD–010 is a Vectron standard platform module that provides 1 pps TTL,10 MHz sine wave and 10 MHz square wave outputs that are disciplined to an external 1pps reference. Internal to the module is a Vectron oscillator, ranging from a TCXO to a double oven OCXO, dependent upon performance requirements. Internal oscillators are capable of achieving an aging rate less as high as than 0.1ppb/day and stability over the operating temperature range of less than 0.2ppb. In addition to the 7 standard models included in this data sheet, due to Vectronís extensive portfolio of oscillators and a firmware driven architecture, Vectron can customize a solution for your specific application.


  • 1pps TTL output signals standard
  • 10MHz sinewave and square wave outputs standard
  • Other output frequencies available
  • Embedded oscillator dependent upon holdover requirements
  • Serial communications interface standard

  • Basestations
  • LTE
  • Digital Video Broadcast
  • E911 Location Systems
  • General Timing and Synchronization
  • Military Radio