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MD-023 Extended Holdover Crystal Oscillator
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The MD–023 series is the first product to be in introduced in Vectron's Extended Holdover Crystal Oscillator platform. With aging rates of 0.08ppb/day and temperature stabilities of 0.1ppb from 0 to 70°C, the MD–023 is capable of providing holdover of 6 s for 24 hours over a 10°C temperature change. The product employs an ultrastable ovenized quartz oscillator with proprietary Vectron digital correction algorithms to achieve rubidium like performance at a fraction of the cost and power.


  • Ultrastable 10 MHz OCXO
  • Proprietary digital correction algorithms
  • Digital EFC adjust
  • Serial communications interface standard
  • Low phase noise outputs

  • Basestations
  • LTE
  • Digital Video Broadcast
  • E911 Location Systems
  • General Timing and Synchronization
  • Military Radio