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Timing Modules
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As the market leader in Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs) we are committed to offering the best performing devices to meet the needs of our customers. The core of our Module solutions is our precision oscillators where decades of innovation in performance, tighter stabilities and cost reductions has enabled our customers to offer leading edge solutions.

As a market leader in the design and manufacturing of precision oscillators, Vectron International provides Timing Modules for network timing, reference distribution and disciplining to various input references (1PPS, GPS receiver, E1/T1, PTP). Our goal is to provide our customers a fully tested solution that exceeds your requirements while reducing part count, design time and accelerating time to market. (The result is a solution that is compliant to your requirements.) We offer the broadest portfolio of precision oscillators in the world, serving the Wired, Wireless, Cable and Military markets and with our Timing Module capability our team is in position to help your team get SYNCHRONIZED with the needs of the market.