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Low Phase Noise Product Solutions

Signal sources such as crystal oscillators produce a small fraction of undesirable energy (phase noise) near the output frequency. As performance of such systems as communications and radar advance, the spectral purity of the crystal oscillators which they employ is increasingly critical.


Phase Noise² (dBc/Hz) Outputs
  Product Max Stability¹ 10Hz Offset 1MHz Offset CMOS LVPECL LVDS HCSL Sinewave
XO VC-708 25ppm –80 –163      
VC-709 25ppm –65 –158    
VCXO VX-501 Not Applicable –80 –163  
VX-700 Not Applicable –66 –150         &plu
VCSO VS-401 Not Applicable –32 –160        
TCXO VTD3 1ppm –107 –154      
VT-803 100ppb –91 –160      
OCXO OX-045 3ppb –142 –165        
OX-405 100ppb –95 –165        
OX-041 10ppb –125 –165      
OX-042 10ppb –140 –168        

1. Maximum Stabilities that could be offered at most frequencies and output configurations.
2. Phase Noise performance is highlighted for a desired frequency.

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