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Vectron International is both a product manufacturer and a solutions provider, leading with its unique technology but always prepared to design and engineer custom solutions, where required. Vectron's core competency combines its classic crystal and SAW technology with sophisticated integrated circuits and advanced packaging. Aside from these great innovative capabilities, Vectron strives to be extremely flexible and focused on service, responding quickly and professionally helping customers innovate, improve and grow their business.

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Precision OCXO's featuring high stability and ultra low phase noise, suitable for GPS, stratum3 and 1588 based timing applications. Low g–sensitivity and space qualified OCXO's, Double Ovens and EMXO's.

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TCXO's with low phase noise and tight stability, suitable for stratum 3 and 1588 based timing applications as well as high shock military and industrial timing applications.

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Voltage Controlled Saw Oscillators. High frequency low phase noise VCSO's with ultra low integrated jitter. Ideal for low jitter data transmission PLL applications.

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MEMS Oscillator VCXOs and Quartz VCXO's with low close in phase noise, low phase noise floors and ultra low integrated jitter. Ideal for Radio and Data Converter applications. Low g sensitivity and high shock.

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XO / Clock Oscillators

Crystal oscillators with ultra low jitter and phase noise performance. Clock oscillators with CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL logic outputs. High Performance and Military Temperature MEMS oscillators with tight stabilities.

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The High Performance MEMS Oscillator product family is a programmable oscillator with low jitter and tight stabilities over a wide range of supply voltages and temperature ranges.

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Offering extensive capability in the design and manufacture of precision crystal solutions for demanding applications.

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SAW Filter

SAW Filters for multiple application – RF and IF Filters characterized by high realibilty, High selectivity and sharp filter characteristics. Customized solutions and High Volume Low Cost RF–Filters up to 2.7 GHz.

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Crystal and LC Filters

Monolithic and discrete Filters with high frequency stability, low insertion loss values and high selectivity. Compact SMD filters with internal matching with 50 Ohms impedance.

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Frequency Translation / Jitter Attenuation

Low jitter precision frequency translators with superior jitter performance achieved through the PLL's integrated VCSO making then ideal for optical communication applications.

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Timing Modules

By characterizing our oscillators over temperature and monitoring the performance over time, our modules will provide optimal performance for your application.

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