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SAW filters for Space and Military Applications

Requirements for SAW filters for
Space and Military Applications:
  • High reliability / including additional production steps
  • Support provided for low quantities
  • Final test at different temperatures
  • Non-standard specifications

SAW filters for Space and Military Applications
VI-Telefilter has installed an additional production line to support low quantities and extra quality test to guarantee HI–REL products.
All plants are certified according to the TS16949 standard. Our production performs final tests at high and low temperatures.
All SAW design principles are available to handle non-standard filter requirements. We are experienced in designing and manufacturing IF and RF filters and may deliver filter sets, cascaded filters, and sets of cascaded filters.

Design capabilities
There is no special SAW-design principle used for space and military applications, however experience in all common SAW design principles is available.
A technical example is a TCRF-Design (Transversely Coupled Resonator Filter). It shows that two oneport resonators build a waveguide that can guide a symmetrical mode and an unsymmetrical one. The bandwidth of the filter is determined by the difference in frequencies of these modes. Higher rejection and sharpness may be achieved by cascading such waveguides.

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Two reflectors and a transducer form an one port resonator. The unsage of resonant structure allows low loss operation. By mechanical an electrical coupling a sharp filter characteristic with superior stop band rejection.

Solutions for Space and Military Applications
  • Full set of SAW design principles for customized products
  • Low volumes supported
  • High reliability
  • Internal matching possible

Type Frequency
Loss dB
TFS35A 35.42 1.70 14.8 13.6x6.8
TFS35B 35.42 1.70 14.8 13.6x6.8
TFS35C 35.42 1.70 14.8 13.6x6.8
TFS70AG 70.00 4.00 16.0 35.0x20.5
TFS70AH 70.00 4.00 16.0 35.0x20.5
TFS140E 140.455 0.05 3.2 11.6x5.2

VI-Telefilter products for Space and Military Applications
This filter family offers a HI–REL under specific environmental condit-ions. But each solution is unique. VI-Telefilter has developed a tech-nology for matching the SAW chip internally. With this solution, we can support customer requests for solutions without matching. This has been applied for TFS70AG and TFS70AH, where high termination impedances are internally matched to 50 Ohms.

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Space and Military Applications and VI-Telefilter
All VI-Telefilter plants are TS16949 and ISO14000 certified. Additional production and testing steps are used on a case by case basis to ensure HI–REL. The focus is the definition of requirements together with the customer and their survey and report to the customer with new introduced quality tools like PPAP and APQP. Together with different preventive techniques like FMEA we ensure that the ordered parts reach the customer in best quality on time.
VI-Telefilter has several production lines that enable us to handle low-volume, medium-volume and high-volume markets. Multilayer ceramic-based, surface-mount and metalcan-pin solutions are supported. The whole field of SAW design principles is available for customized solutions.
Final tests at minimum and maximum temperatures of operating temperature ranges may be performed. VI-Telefilter supports the delivery of filter sets, cascaded filter pairs, and sets of cascaded filter pairs.
Customized solutions may include an internal matching of the filter to 50 Ohms.

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