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SATCOM / "1 ppm Forever" Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)
The SATCOM and "1 ppm Forever" series of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO's) are available in frequencies from 0.5 MHz to 160MHz.

These series offer performance for short term stability, phase noise, G sensitivity, aging and temperature stability normally only associated with Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO's), while consuming typically < 20 mA.

With over 500,000 units produced, Vectron International has more experience with this type of TCXO then the rest of the industry combined.


  • Frequencies from 0.5 MHz to 160 MHz
  • Stability as high as ± 0.51 ppm 0 to 50ºC
  • +5Vdc to ±24Vdc supply voltage options
  • Over 500,000 units produced

  • Base Stations and Picocells
  • LMDS, WLL, SONET, Stratum 3