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Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators - VCSOs
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FrequencyOutput WaveformTypical Jitter
SinewaveBalanced / Differential
LVPECLLVDSfs–rmsIntegration BandwidthCarrier
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VS-708Single Frequency7.0x5.06002300XXXX5512kHz to 20MHz1800.00
VS-508Dual Frequency14.0x9.08002900XXX 1212kHz to 20MHz2000.00
VS-403Single Frequency20.0x13.050007000X 1412kHz to 20MHz5898.00
VS-504Dual Frequency14.0x9.06003000XXX 1212kHz to 20MHz1980.00
VS-703Single Frequency7.0x5.07003000XX 10512kHz to 20MHz2457.00
VS-709Dual Frequency7.0x5.01501000 XX12012kHz to 20MHz622.08
VS-501Single Frequency14.0x9.06003000XXX 1212kHz to 20MHz1700.00
VS-402Dual Frequency20.0x13.010002500XX 1212kHz to 20MHz1750.00
VS-401Single Frequency20.0x13.010002500XX 1212kHz to 20MHz1750.00
VS-705Single Frequency7.5x5.0122.881000 XX12012kHz to 20MHz622.08
VS-702Single Frequency7.5x5.01501000 XX10012kHz to 20MHz622.08
VS-509Dual Frequency13.8x9.11501000 XX12512kHz to 20MHz600.00
VS-505Single Frequency13.8x9.1122.881000 XX12012kHz to 20MHz622.08
VS-507Single Frequency14.0x9.030006000XX 1012kHz to 20MHz5898.24
VS-800Single Frequency5.0x3.28003200XX 612kHz to 20MHz1568.97
PS-508Single Frequency SO14.0x9.06003000XXX 1012kHz to 20MHz1000.00
PS-501Single Frequency SO14.0x9.06003000XXX 1012kHz to 20MHz1000.00
VS-506Single Frequency14.0x9.08003000X 1112kHz to 20MHz2000.00
Additional Crystal Oscillator (XO) Information