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VS-500A Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators (VCSO)
The VS-500A is a SAW based voltage controlled oscillator that operates at the fundamental frequency of the internal SAW filter. This product is ideally suited for SONET/SDH/10G Ethernet and other optical applications.


  • Output Frequency @ 155 MHz to 800 MHz
  • 3.3 V (see VS-500) or 5.0 V operation
  • Low Jitter, 1.5pS for 622, 3pS for 155 (typical)
  • J-Type package - smallest 622.080 available
  • Ideal for clock smoothing, frequency translation,
    clock and data retiming applications
  • 10K ECL, PECL logic levels with fast transition times
  • Complementary outputs
  • Low profile, surface mount package
  • Output disable feature