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VS-705 Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (VCSO)
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The VS-705 is a Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator that operates at the fundamental frequency of the internal SAW filter. The SAW filter is a high-Q Quartz device that enables the circuit to achieve low phase jitter performance over a wide operating temperature range. A divider circuit is deployed for output frequencies less than 491.52 MHz. The oscillator is housed in a hermetically sealed leadless surface mount package and off ered on tape and reel. It has a tri-state Output Select function that provides one of three conditions: Output Disable, Output Set, or Output Enable.


  • Industry Standard Package, 5.0 x 7.5 x 2.5 mm
  • 5th Generation ASIC Technology for Ultra Low Jitter
  • 120 fs-rms (fN = 622.08 MHz, 12 kHz to 20 MHz)
  • 105 fs-rms (fN = 622.08 MHz, 50 kHz to 80 MHz)
  • Output Frequencies from 122.88 MHz to 985.00 MHz
  • Spurious Suppression, 90 dBc Typical
  • 2.5V or 3.3V Supply Voltage
  • LVPECL or LVDS Output Configurations
  • Tri-State Output Select (OD, OS, OE)
  • Compliant to EC RoHS Directive

  • PLL circuits for Clock Smoothing and Frequency Translation

  • 1-2-4 Gigabit Fibre Channel
  • 10G Fibre Channel
  • 10GbE LAN/WAN
  • Synchronous Ethernet
  • OC-192
  • WiMax
  • INCITS 352-2002
  • INCITS 364-2003
  • IEEE 802.3ae
  • ITU-T G.8262
  • ITU-T G.709
  • GR-253-CORE Issue 4
  • IEEE 802.16