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434Y2600 Temperature Compensated VCXOs

  434Y2600 Series
Conventional Multiplication techniques
Center Frequency 622.08 MHz
Complementary outputs
Jitter <10 ps rms
Control Voltage ECL: 0 to -5 V
PECL: 0 to +5 V
Transfer Function
(freq. vs control voltage)
ECL: Negative (lowest frequency at 0 V)
PECL: Positive (lowest frequency at 0 V)
Linearity ±20 smooth monotonic characteristic
(±10% linearity available)
Input Impedance >50k
Modulation Rate dc to 1 kHz
(Higher modulation rates available)
±20 ppm over temperature range
Deviation Sufficient to maintain lock for 10 years
Supply Voltage (±5%) see below, "How to Order"
Aging Rate 3-5 ppm first year, 2 ppm/year thereafter;
less than 20 ppm total over 10 years
Mechanical 0.8"x1.4"x0.2" (20.3x36x5.1 mm)
24 pin Double DIP.
How to Order
(specify model
number and frequency)
Model Temperature
Output Supply
434Y2600 0°C to +70°C ECL -5.2 Vdc
434Y2600-1 0°C to +70°C PECL +5 Vdc
434Y2600-2 -40°C to +85°C ECL -5.2 Vdc
434Y2600-3 -40°C to +85°C PECL +5 Vdc
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