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CO-286VW / 286VP Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO)

CO-286VW / 286VP  VCXO
  • Frequencies to 1200 MHz
  • Deviation to ± 200 ppm
  • Chassis mount RF connector configuration
  • Low aging option
  • Sinewave with 13 dBm optional

Phase Locking

(400.1MHz to 1200MHz
Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators
PC board mount
rf output connector
Series CO-286VP CO-286VW
Center Frequency 400.1-1200 MHz 400.1-1200 MHz
Output Level 0.5 Vrms/50 (+7dBm). Option "R": +13 dBm. Harmonics and sub-harmonics are -20 dBc.
Supply Voltage (±5%) Supply: +15 Vdc (+12 Vdc to +24 Vdc optional)
Deviation/Stability Alternatives
Code Temperature
** Minimum
0    0/+50°C ±10 ppm ±  30 ppm
A    0/+50°C ±20 ppm ±  50 ppm
B    0/+50°C ±35 ppm ±100 ppm
D    0/+70°C ±20 ppm ±  40 ppm
E    0/+70°C ±40ppm ±100ppm
G -20/+70°C ±30 ppm ±  60 ppm
H -20/+70°C ±40 ppm ±100 ppm
J -40/+85°C ±40 ppm ±  60 ppm
K -40/+85°C ±50 ppm ±100 ppm
M -55/+85°C ±50 ppm ±100 ppm
** Deviation is referenced to the specified output frequency . For example, in Model CO-286VW-E, at 25°C and 0V control, the frequency is at least 100 ppm below 500 MHz and at +6V the frequency is at least 100 ppm above 500MHz.
0 to +6 V
positive transfer function (lowest frequency at 0 V)
Linearity ±20% (±10% optional); ±10% is standard
Modulation Rate dc to 1 kHz : Higher modulation rates available
Modulation Input Z Greater than 50 K
Aging Rate 3 ppm for the first year, then 2 ppm/year thereafter.
Option "Y" : 2ppm for the first year, then 1 ppm/year thereafter.
Mechanical Tuning Option "T" indicates that a mechanical tuning option is available;
add "T" to model number.
1" x 2" x 0.6"
How to Order CO-286V[P or W]-[Devitation/Stability][T][Y][R]-frequency MHz

P: Pins for mounting
W: SMA connector
Deviation/Stability: See alternatives
T: mechanical tuning (*)
Y: improved aging (*)
R: +13 dBm output (*)

(*) leave blank of not desired
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Dimensions in inches
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