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Clocks/Crystal Oscillators (XO) / MEMS
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FrequencyOutputsTypical Jitter
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VC-709Low Power Differential XO7.0x5.013.5220 XXX 15012k-20M156.25
VC-806Differential XO5.0x3.225250 XX 30012k-20M155.52
VCC1CMOS XO7.0x5.01.024190X 50012k-20M125.00
VC-820CMOS XO3.2x2.50.625133X 6112k-20M125.00
VC-840CMOS XO2.5x2.01160X 17712k-20M25.00
PX-990Ruggedized XO58.3x48.360120 X AF
PS-702High Frequency XO7.5x5.01501000 XX 10012k-20M622.08
VC-801CMOS XO5.0x3.20.03277125X 50012k-20M125.00
VC-826Low Power Differential XO3.2x2.520170 XXX 17512k-20M100.00
PX-706Surface Mount7.0x5.040300X X 4812k-20M100.00
PX-421Precision XO12.7x12.70.01125X X8012k-20M40.00
PX-500Precision XO14.2x9.11800X XX X4012k-20M50.00
PX-571Precision XO9.0x8.01125X X8012k-20M50.00
PX-700Precision XO7.0x5.01800X XX X50012k-20M100.00
VC-827Low Jitter Differential XO3.2x2.520220 XX 9512k-20M156.25
PX-504Discrete XO Low G-Sensitivity14.4x9.530180X 3212k-20M120.00
MO-9000BMEMS based XO2.5x2.0*0.0035100X 27.00
MO-9100BMEMS based XO2.5x2.0*2.5170X 100.00
MO-9200BMEMS based XO3.2x2.5*2.5450 XX 156.25
HT-MM900BMEMS based XO2.5x2.0*0.0035100X 27.00
VC-830Differential XO3.2x2.5100200 XX 4012k-20M156.25
VC-714Differential XO7.0x5.0100320 XX 4012k-20M156.25

* - more sizes available, AF - ask factory

Additional Crystal Oscillator (XO) Information