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H-Type Crystal Oscillator (XO)
The H-Type Fixed-Frequency Crystal OscillatorOscillator (XO) is a hybrid clock oscillator designed for use in CMOS and TTL applications. It is available in commercial or industrial temperature ranges and can be ordered with a tristate option. This option allows the output of the oscillator to be placed in a high-impedance state for boardlevel testing. The H-Type is available in a surface-mount configuration and is packaged in a hermetically sealed metal case which is grounded to minimize RF radiation. The pin through-hole version is compatible with an 8-pin DIP footprint.


  • Industry Standard Pinout
  • Stability to 20 ppm
  • TTL or CMOS
  • Choice of Temperature Range
  • Tri-State Output Option
  • Hermetically Sealed Metal Package
  • Tape and Reel Configuration